What Does Your Data Do for You?

Entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses all struggle to turn their data into valuable intelligence through standardized reporting processes. Data are often scattered around the business, from various sources that are not easily accessed and in formats that are not easily understood or measurable.

306 Consulting solves this problem by creating reports and reporting processes that clearly and concisely deliver the critical metrics that businesses need to manage in order to be successful.

Advantages of Our Reporting Solutions

  • A dedicated reporting expert will work to understand your business and your data needs and systems

  • Most of our reports are built in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, because that's where your employees are most comfortable and that's what most businesses need

  • We will provide training for your employees to use and update the reports, or we can update them for you on a pre-determined schedule

  • Get an in-depth project to build a reporting process from scratch, or just get a dataset analyzed for insights with a quick turnaround

What Do You Need to Know About Your Business?

  • Financial - What expenses do you have? Which ones are recurring, which could be canceled or reduced? How much does it cost to run your business, does that number fluctuate? Where does your money go each month? Do you have enough cash to execute your strategy this year?

  • Sales - What does your pipeline look like? Is your sales team effective? What is your close rate? Where has your revenue come from historically, is that measurement steady or is it changing?

  • Key Performance Indicators - What operational metrics do you track to keep an eye on the health of your business? If you're not tracking any, then it's long past time to start, and we can help.

Manage Cash for Your eCommerce Business

Selling directly to consumers via eCommerce platforms requires strict cash management. Purchasing inventory and shipping supplies, spending on advertising, payout fees, and bank settlement periods are only a few of the myriad items that will impact the cash balance of the business. 306 Consulting can create a custom report that will track all of these factors and create metrics to manage them. Don't have a forecast or budget? We can help with that too.

Track Time On-Site for Your Home Service Business

Efficiency is critical in the home services industry, whether you provide power washing or appliance repair too much time at one job can diminish the value of that revenue. Start tracking time on-site with a custom report from 306 Consulting that allows employees to log start and end times via a secure web app, and compares that time to payroll and revenue data to track valuable efficiency metrics. Think your payroll and invoicing data need improvement? We've got you covered.


306 Consulting is based in Columbus, Ohio and provides services remotely or in-person to clients in the surrounding areas.

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